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About Dino

My Balkan Cuisine.

Balkan Bites Bristol

Born in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina to a family of foodies, I have lived in Bristol for over 22 years. Balkan cuisine (a region of which Bosnia & Herzegovina is part of) continues to be very poorly known in the UK. It is my dream for people to love the food I grew up on as much as I do.

A historian by training, prior to Covid I conducted organised tours to the Balkans which included immersion in the local culture and eating lots of authentic food! I also have a passion for authentic East and Southeast Asian food.

Balkan Bites Bristol

About my food

Balkan cuisine has a Mediterranean base combined with a strong Middle Eastern influence due to hundreds of years of Ottoman Turkish rule. Baklava, filo pastry pies and stuffed vegetables have become as traditional as rich Balkan stews and local produce such as figs, lemons, olives and pomegranates.

Later, Austro-Hungarian influence and rule bought Central European inspired food, such as schnitzel and Austrian style cakes, but with a distinct Balkan twist. The Balkans have always been a historic bridge between East and West, which is perfectly evident in its cuisine.

All the dishes I offer are authentically Balkan, with every recipe being traditional. These are all dishes I grew up eating, and I want others to love them as much as I do.

What our customers are saying about us

  • Dino’s food was was excellent! We ordered Zeljanica with Šopska salad and SataraŠ. Everything was delicious, with generous portions and clear heating instructions, plus prompt delivery. Highly recommended!!

  • Food was delicious! Great quality authentic meals.Made with love and care and fantastic value for money.Can’t recommend highly enough! A no-brainier.

  • Ordered the Bosnian pie combo meal, something I had never tried before and must say how much I enjoyed it. Excellent service from Dino.

  • Too good to be true!!! I ordered the djulbastije meal and strudel and OH MY God it was Amazing!!!! I’m never cooking normal rice again or eating a meatball unless it is these. So tasty! The strudel was beautiful and delicious. 

    Aeriol Rusher