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One of the famous traditional Bosnian pies. Somewhat similar to Greek spanakopita, rich layers of filo pastry are interspersed with delicious spinach, cheese and egg filling. Baked to golden perfection, excellent for a comforting meal. We serve it with our home-made Shopska Salad (dressed with olive oil and vinegar). Portions of  Zeljanica all served with Shopska...
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The famous Bosnian filo pastry meat pie; in Bosnia and Herzegovina only meat pies are called “burek.” A deeply savoury, hearty dish that is famous all over the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans. Most often served as street food, this version – commonly sold in bakeries – features many layers of filo pastry interspersed with...
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Our classic Bosnian baklava is made with walnuts and butter. It is moist and rich, and should feel like ‘biting into honeycomb’. It is called queen of cakes and for a good reason. Great for dinner parties Sold whole – (at least 25 pieces) – £35 Half tray (12-16 pieces depending on cut) – £17.50...
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